Sasbadi Online Sdn Bhd, incorporated in 2011, is a fully owned subsidiary of Sasbadi Holdings Berhad. Born from our passion for education, our drive to help Malaysian children excel, and our dream to continuously innovate new products, Sasbadi Online is a company filled with creative and enthusiastic people who harness the power of the digital landscape to create modern, effective, and better learning experiences for our children.

We've always believed that learning should be a life long process, and its borders are limitless. With the invention of the world wide web, borderless learning has truly come alive where tomes of knowledge lay ready to be garnered behind a screen and a click away. Sasbadi Online aims to be the platform that propels our children into this new sea of knowledge via a safe and filtered learning experience, guiding them to be the masters of borderless learning in this digital era.

Sasbadi's 29 years of experience as one of the leaders in education-based publishing throughout the nation has become our pillar of strength. That is why we have adopted the same incessance for quality in everything we do, from contents down to user-interfaces. By combining all these elements together, Sasbadi Online is geared towards a bigger and brighter future, just like how our children are. Go on. You can expect the best from us. Because we expect the best from ourselves too.